Arts Events Happening Near Me This Week

Arts Events Happening Near Me This Week

From blockbuster art exhibitions to a vast gallery scene and prodigious public art, there are plenty of arts events happening near you. Here are some to check out this week!

Halsey makes wall works that elucidate, celebrate and turn her neighborhood into a magic carpet ride of optical possibility. She has a sorcerer’s ability to commandeer found materials.

Chagall, Paris

Marc Chagall was a Russian painter who drew inspiration from his Jewish roots, folklore, and personal experiences. He incorporated this into his art and was considered an avant-garde modernist of his time.

When Moishe Shagal (his birth name) moved to Paris in 1911, he found himself at the center of artistic innovation and established friendships with other artists like Fernand Leger and Guillaume Apollinaire. His early major works were created in the city, and he later designed sets and costumes for a ballet by Leonide Massine to the music of Igor Stravinsky.

Today, Paris-based immersive art museum Hall des Lumieres brings his works to life with projections that adorn the ornate walls of the former Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank building. The exhibition “Chagall, Paris — New York” is a journey through the two cities that shaped the artist’s creative vision. Other exhibits include “Kadinsky, The Odyssey of Abstraction” and “Infinite Horizons.” All three are on view through 2024.

The Secret World of Elephants

The majestic, incredible elephants are getting the spotlight this week at the American Museum of Natural History. In this immersive experience, visitors will explore 60 million years of elephant evolution in four sections.

The first section, “Evolution,” depicts the diverse proboscidean family tree and features life-size models of extinct relatives—including a woolly mammoth in the process of shedding its winter coat and a dwarf elephant from Sicily. Next, the exhibit digs into new findings about modern elephants, including how they can hear with their feet and use 40,000 muscles in their trunks to reshape environments and improve habitats for other species.

Finally, the last section examines elephants’ complicated relationship with humans. Visitors can see artifacts such as puppets from Vietnam depicting the Tru’ng sisters, national heroes who rode elephants into battle 2,000 years ago against a Chinese army, and a figure of Ganesh, the Hindu god of prosperity with an elephant head and human-like body.

Ed Ruscha at MoMA

The Museum of Modern Art presents a career-spanning retrospective for Los Angeles artist Ed Ruscha, co-organized with LACMA. The exhibition reveals an artist with a cagey, deadpan sense of humor and a profound interest in the dialectic between reality and illusion.

Ruscha’s paintings, whether depicting backyard swimming pools, gas stations, or the 20th Century Fox logo, have a coiled concision that makes works by other postwar practitioners—such as Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns—seem heavy-handed. His photographs, however, may be too graceless: they lack the paintings’ dialectic of innocence and wit.

Nevertheless, Ruscha’s bottomless well of inspiration ensured that his wordplay was never mere showmanship. The work remains incisive, even as it becomes increasingly enigmatic. Featuring painting, drawing, prints, sculpture, photography, and artist’s books, ED RUSCHA / NOW THEN charts shifting focuses in an oeuvre that straddles the line between Pop and Conceptual art. The exhibition is on view through January 13, 2024. It will then travel to LACMA in April 2024.


When she’s not busy being a geology professor, astronomer, and science communicator, Sian Proctor makes space art. She creates beautiful and awe-inspiring paintings of celestial bodies, drawing inspiration from Hubble imagery. Her work is both awe-inducing and educational, making it perfect for kids (and adults) of all ages.

Manchester, UK-based Interplanetary Criminal has proven themselves to be a rising artist in the electronic music scene with a growing number of performances and collaborations. Their recent collaboration with Eliza Rose, “B.O.T.A (Baddest of Them All) – Edit”, was a groovy and uplifting track that proves their versatility.

And if you’re really feeling the space vibes, you can buy some of her adorable sculpted astronauts, which make for great figurines, trinket dishes, or jewelry. They’re also great gifts for the space-lovers in your life.

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